Ammouliani is a small island situated at Mount Athos Gulf, opposite Trypiti Port. It is the only inhabited island in Chalkidiki. It has an area of approximately 4.5 square kilometers and is 120 km away from Thessaloniki. Previously it was a Monastery dependency of Vatopedi and after 1925 was a location of Asia Minor refugees. Today belongs administratively to the city of Akanthou an Stagiron and has about five hundred residents, dealing with fisheries and tourism. The Central church of St. Nicholas, was built in 1865. On the island there is a nursery, a primary school and a pharmacy. Each year there is a celebration of St. George in April. The most beautiful beach on the island is Alikes Beach, which is covered with fine sand and a turquoise sea.


Until 1925 Ammouliani Island was a Monastery Dependency (in Greek the word Metochi – ΜΕΤΟΧΙ ) of the Monastery Vatopedion in Aghion Oros, where 2-3 monks with the help of 20 workers administered the land properties . Their main occupation was mixed farming and olive gathering. At the beginning of 1925 the island was vested to greek immigrants from the seaside of Anatolia in Turkey and particularly from the islands of Proponde (Galimi – Pasalimani – Skoupia).

Coming from territories neighboring to Constantinople ( Istanbul ) ,they brought with them the mores and culture of their previous settlements . They worked as fishermen and in short period of time they achieved distinctions in the specific sector. There is a old Myth that says the third peninsula of Chalkidiki is so fertile because God touched it with his finger.